Institute for Global Engagement
  • Four women look out at the sea. The caption reads: Institute for Global Engagement promotes Western's campus community in thinking and acting globally'
  • A group of travelers stop for a photo.  Caption advertises Western Courses Abroad.
  • Two recent international grads smile in front of the red square fountain in their robes and caps.  Slide is an advertisement for the study abroad graduation sash.
  • A group of students smile together on a wooden dock in the sunlight.  Slide advertises: 'WWU International Student and Scholar Services. Connect to the world:
  • An international student makes a face at an exotic bird as it hops on the same rock the student is sitting on. From student: I chose to do the International Studies minor because it served as my educational link to the intersectionality within international relations. I now feel better equipped at understanding the big picture - Heather, International Studies minor candidate.
  • A group of students in Mongolia gather as a group under the deep blue Mongolian sky.
  • An informational slide listing 'Western Abroad 101.'  Information sessions: Mondays & Tuesdays - 4:00 p.m.  Wednesdays and Thursdays - 9:00 a.m. Friday's 12pm.  Check with EdAbroad for room locations
  • Join the international buddies program, contact

In an increasingly inter-connected world, the Institute for Global Engagement engages Western’s communities in thinking and acting globally.

IGE Leadership:

Lee Sternberger | Executive Director | Institute for Global Engagement

Heather Brown | Administrative Assistant

Ryan Larsen | Director | Education Abroad

Richard Bruce | Director | International Student & Scholar Services

Offices located in Miller Hall 204-215B