Institute for Global Engagement

Faculty Research Opportunity

Research Proposal

Eligibility: current Western faculty for whom research is a required component of professional development.

Duration of in-country research project: 1-4 weeks.

Time Frame: April – October is the optimal time frame for these projects.

Number of projects funded annually: 1.

Amount of funding: up to $10,000. Projects that include a graduate or undergraduate research assistant can earn up to $4,000 more. Additional funding may also be available from the American Center for Mongolian Studies’ Field Fellowships.

Deadline for proposals: TBA.

Past Awardees

Cynthia Horne, a professor in the Political Science department at Western, received the award in 2019. Her research focused on the nexus of globalization and women’s empowerment in Mongolia.

David Sattler, professor of Psychology at Western, received the award in 2018 to research climate change and mental health in Mongolia, working with colleagues at the National University of Mongolia.

In 2017 Holly Diaz, an instructor in Leadership Studies, conducted research on women in leadership in Mongolia with support from the same grant.

Her work expanded on the data collected in 2016 by Karen Stout, Diaz and students who were participating in a Global Learning program to Mongolia to learn more about women in leadership in that country. Their combined research resulted in presentations at two conferences.