Institute for Global Engagement

Global Learning Programs

Western’s Global Learning programs are credit-bearing academic courses that take place at least partially in a country other than the U.S. and are codified in University policy POL-U2105.01. They are intended to be an integral part of a student’s learning experience at Western and to maintain the same level of quality as on-campus learning. Therefore, the program’s destination should be an integral part of the curricular design and be in alignment with the faculty member’s expertise and travel experience. These programs of study may involve classroom time, field projects, service learning, interning, data collection, or the interviewing of human subjects. As with any academic course, it is expected that there will be graded assignments, activities, or projects. It is also expected that no more than 20% of group time will be spent on activities unrelated to the academic goals of the program.

Global Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the relevancy of course study to a destination outside of the U.S.
  2. Students will demonstrate an awareness of differences that they encounter in the country they visit.
  3. Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of the culture(s) they visit.

GL staff

Dr. Ryan Larsen, Director, Education Abroad office

Works with faculty to develop GL programs and to advise them on DOS travel warnings; works with EA staff to create online presence for GL programs and to set up payment structure for programs; works with EEAC on GL policies and procedures; works with AA to set up budgets in TEM.

Important Dates

20 January 2019 : deadline to submit Global Learning Program Proposal [e-form] for Academic Year 2019-20 (FA19, WI20, and SP20) programs.

15 May 2019 : Early-bird deadline to submit Global Learning Program Proposal [e-form] for summer 2020 programs.

20 October 2019 : Regular deadline to submit Global Learning Program Proposal [e-form] for summer 2020 programs.